come together - celebrating the Creative arts

The first of the series is titled Come Together and Celebrate the Creative Arts!

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Promoting cross-disciplinary programs and encouraging collaboration among professional teacher associations in drama, dance, music and visual arts can significantly enhance the educational experience for both educators and students. Here are some ideas to promote membership, cross-association collaboration, and widen the reach of professional teacher associations in the creative arts KLA:

Here are some ideas and strategies to achieve this:

Interdisciplinary Curriculum Development:

Work collectively on developing interdisciplinary curriculum materials that can be shared among teacher associations. This can involve creating resources that integrate elements of creative arts, promoting a holistic approach to arts education.

Create integrated lesson plans that incorporate elements from multiple disciplines. For instance, a history lesson could include studying the historical context of a particular style of music or aspects of visual content, followed by a performance or art project making teaching a learning activity.

Emphasise connections between the theoretical aspects of each discipline. Show how music theory relates to mathematical principles, how dance movements can be influenced by physics, or how visual arts can be connected to historical and cultural contexts.

Networking and Community Building:

Facilitate networking and collaboration opportunities including discussions around arranging visits from artists, organising field trips to cultural events, or establishing mentorship programs.

Create online platforms or forums where students and teachers can share their work, ideas, and resources, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

By embracing these strategies, you can create an environment that promotes diversity, creativity, and collaboration across the creative arts KLA’s. This approach not only enriches the educational experience but also prepares students for the dynamic and interconnected nature of the arts in the real world.

Cross-Pollination of Leadership:

Encourage association members to participate in leadership roles across associations. This cross-pollination of leadership can bring fresh perspectives and ideas, fostering a more integrated and collaborative professional community.

Collaborative Research Projects:

Encourage and support collaborative research initiatives that involve educators from multiple disciplines, contributing to the development of evidence-based practices in interdisciplinary creative  arts education.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives:

Develop joint initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion in arts education. This could involve creating resources that highlight diverse artists, cultures, and perspectives, fostering a more inclusive approach to teaching the arts.

Social Media Campaigns:

PTC NSW will leverage our social media platforms and extensive data base network to promote cross-association initiatives to reach a wide audience. We will use hashtags and online communities to facilitate discussions, share ideas, and connect educators across different disciplines.

By implementing these strategies, professional teacher associations can break down subject silos, promote cross-KLA programs, attract new members while supporting current members and create a more interconnected and innovative community in the realms of performing arts education.

I trust that the concept of this conference series in celebrating the arts has ignited the formulation of possible workshops that have not been tried before. Of a collaborative delivery of ideas that can bring different associations together workshopping the one idea from several perspectives.

We are calling for papers for presentations and workshops from interested PTC NSW member associations.

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The conference series of Come Together also provides a unique opportunity for association members who are not teaching in the featured KLA but could contribute a valuable workshop. For example: - Career Advisors, Gifted and Talented, Psychologists, English, EAL/D, Technology, Science or History! The possibilities are open ended and only limited by the imagination.

PTC NSW is offering this unique opportunity to all PTC NSW member associations to consider participating in the Come Together series and we look forward to your expressions of interest and involvement across 2024!

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